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PMC investments are very simple and traditional. It works like this you give PMC a budget (example $100, 000). This budget is for a new construction investment project. We locate the lot and build the project all within your budget.With the $100, 000 investment from you PMC performs market research to give you a return of $50, 000 plus the return of your initial investment. There are two things that PMC relies on to accomplish this goal number one we have a small staff which creates a low overhead. Number two PMC works daily with our contractors to meet the budget and maintain industry standard of quality. Contact us for more information also if needed PMC can assist you in getting funded.

For the amateur investors PMC will do the foot walk for them. We find it! You finance it! We fix it! You flip it! A simple way for the amateur property investor to transact multiple flips. Let PMC will do your foot work free. {e-mail: ; to subscribe to this service.

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